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Investigation launched regarding threats received by Ukrainska Pravda journalists

Russia's Interior Ministry complains of shortfall of 150,000 police officers

Russian snipers attack police cars during evacuation from Vovchansk, Kharkiv Oblast – video

Ukrainian oligarch Kolomoiskyi served with notice of suspicion of organising contract killing

Russia attacked Sumy Oblast 224 times over past 24 hours: 1 person killed , 4 wounded

People covered in blood, moaning in pain: police video shows aftermath of Russian attack on Kostiantynivka – video

Six people reported missing after Russian missile attack on Chernihiv

Policemen come under fire in Luhansk Oblast – video

Demolition experts seize warhead of missile which fell on Kyiv the day before – photo

Hungary to aid Ukraine in identifying war casualties – video

Shahed drone stuck in wind turbine blade in Mykolaiv Oblast – video

Police officers injured and service vehicles damaged in Russian UAV attack on Kherson Oblast

Argument resolved between Ukrainian drivers and Polish police near Korczowa checkpoint

Reporters Without Borders condemns obstruction of Mykhailo Tkach's work by Polish police

"Policing the border": Polish authorities detail detention of Ukrainian journalist

Detention of Ukrainska Pravda journalist in Poland: Lublin police confirm they took "measures to establish identity"

Ukrainian law enforcers identify Chechen who stole cars during attempted occupation of Kyiv Oblast in 2022 – video

Polish police launch investigation into protester's outrageous banner addressed to Putin

Police posts footage of blown up car of Ukrainian Volunteer Army – video

US hands Ukraine new assistance package to record Russian crimes – photo

Police about killer of Ukrainian basketball player in Germany: He acted with a depraved indifference to life

Vandals of journalist Yurii Nikolov's apartment received $1,000 payout

Police show almost intact Shahed drone that fell in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast – video

Missile attack on Pokrovsk: Police show footage of first few minutes after attack, number of injured people rises

Nearly 10,000 Ukrainian civilians killed due to Russian aggression; 7,000 considered missing

Ukraine sentences 22 Russian military personnel in face-to-face trial, police reports

Threats to journalist Nikolov: journalist says police released defendants in his case

Russian attack on Kharkiv injures children, damages gas pipeline and destroys school – video, photo

Illegal bugging at Bihus.Info: Police open four cases

Police posts footage of downing of Kh-101 cruise missile in Kherson Oblast – video