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Media learns main reason why Germany does not supply Ukraine with Taurus cruise missiles

Friday, 15 March 2024, 20:03
Media learns main reason why Germany does not supply Ukraine with Taurus cruise missiles
Photo: Getty Images

The key reason why German Сhancellor Olaf Scholz is actively opposing the supply of Taurus long-range cruise missiles to Ukraine may be connected with special features of the missiles’ targeting system.

Source: European Pravda with reference to the t-online portal

Details: The information which Scholz called "secret knowledge" at the latest debates on the Taurus missiles in the Bundestag was disclosed at the special meeting of the parliamentary defence committee on 11 March.


At the meeting, Carsten Breuer, General Inspector of the Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces) made a 20-minute speech about the special features of these missiles.

The main problem Breuer pointed out was that a huge amount of data and a special computer program only the Bundeswehr has are needed for this missile to be used efficiently.

In case Germany supplied Ukraine with Taurus it would no longer have access to these systems itself and would significantly disrupt its own defence capability, as reported by t-online with reference to the participants of the meeting. The details of this system are classified, so the sources of t-online were not able to estimate how long it would take Berlin to recover.

At the same time, there is a possibility to supply Kyiv with these missiles in a "reduced" format, without the targeting system. In this case Taurus would be a complement to less powerful British cruise missiles Storm Shadow.

"After Beuer’s speech the public went silent. Even those who always make loud demands this time had no questions," t-online reported. Another participant of the meeting stated that the speech made him reconsider his positions on supplying Ukraine with cruise missiles.

Earlier, Scholz publicly gave different reasons for why Germany refused to supply Ukraine with Taurus missiles – from avoiding a possible escalation and involvement in the war with Russia to being concerned that the missiles would be used to strike Moscow.

David Cameron, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the UK, stated that London was considering all options, including the exchange of the Taurus for British Storm Shadow missiles in order to provide Ukraine with long-range armament.

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