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Canada reiterates that occupied Crimea remains Ukraine's territory

Saturday, 16 March 2024, 17:01
Canada reiterates that occupied Crimea remains Ukraine's territory
Justin Trudeau. Stock photo: Press office of the Prime Minister of Canada

On the 10th anniversary of the Russian pseudo-referendum that aimed to "legalise" the occupation of Crimea, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reiterated that his government has not and will not recognise the annexation of the peninsula. 

Source: Press office of the Prime Minister of Canada, сited by European Pravda 

Details: Trudeau stressed that Russia's hybrid invasion of the peninsula was more than an aggression against Ukraine, as the Kremlin had called into question the international legal order by these actions. He also reiterated that after the occupation, mass repressions against all disloyal people, including Crimean Tatars, began on the peninsula. 


Quote: "Today is a reminder that Russia’s war against Ukraine did not start on February 24, 2022 – it started a decade ago. As Putin still tries to redraw the map as he pleases, we remain unequivocally clear: Ukraine’s territory will remain Ukraine’s, and we will stand with Ukrainians for as long as it takes," Trudeau said. 

The Prime Minister also recalled Canada's financial and military assistance, sanctions and diplomatic support for Ukraine over the years. 

He concluded his statement with the slogan "Glory to Ukraine". 


  • Canada is one of the countries that has already signed a bilateral security agreement with Ukraine in continuation of the G7 declaration on "security guarantees" for Ukraine, which was signed during Trudeau's visit to Kyiv on the second anniversary of the full-scale war. 
  • Canada also declared its intention to join the so-called "drone coalition" and considered the return of its military instructors to Ukraine under certain conditions.

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