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Russian media say fraud in Russia's 2024 presidential "election" reached unprecedented levels

Wednesday, 20 March 2024, 08:32
Russian media say fraud in Russia's 2024 presidential election reached unprecedented levels
Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Photo: Getty Images

Latvia-based Russian media outlet Meduza has conducted a voter turnout count for the presidential election in Russia and concluded that it was the most rigged election in the country's history.

Source: Meduza

Details: The media outlet noted that Russia's Central Election Commission (CEC) continues to release data on "voting" at individual polling stations, which makes it possible to assess how the figures in the "election" turned out to be as they were. Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin, who ran as an independent, supposedly received 87.28% of votes with a turnout of 77.44%.


Based on the data collected by journalists, it is challenging to determine the exact extent of the fraud, although it has exceeded the levels in 2018 when the results in over a third of the country's polling stations were deemed invalid and should have been cancelled.

The abnormalities in the results can be explained primarily by the fact that ballot papers for candidates were physically dropped into ballot boxes or a certain number of votes were added to the election return lists.

Journalists also cite the transfer of votes from one candidate to another without the voting slips being inserted into a ballot box as a reason for this pattern, which resulted in a corresponding change in the overall turnout.

In addition, Meduza found that the turnout at some polling stations is not just identical but also consistently changes over time. In other words, some territorial or regional commissions simply faked the turnout.

After the fraudulent "elections" in Russia, Putin lost his legitimacy as president of that country. Therefore, Ukrainska Pravda no longer applies the term "president" to this person and reiterates that the Russian government will cease to be legitimate after his inauguration.

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