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UK Foreign Secretary on Russian propaganda in the US: Don't listen to Putin's lies about Ukraine

Thursday, 11 April 2024, 09:32
UK Foreign Secretary on Russian propaganda in the US: Don't listen to Putin's lies about Ukraine
David Cameron. Stock photo: Getty Images

UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron has commented on the Russian propaganda efforts against support for Ukraine in the United States.

Source: Bloomberg, citing Cameron on air of the MSNBC TV channel

In response to a question about the risk of Russian propaganda influencing Republicans who are blocking aid to Ukraine in the House of Representatives, he stated: "A lie is around the world before the truth can get its boots on."


Quote: "Don’t listen to Putin’s lies about Ukraine. It is a free democracy that wants to be an independent sovereign country, that wants to be our ally and our friend, and we should be standing by our friends, because the world will be watching if we don’t," Cameron said.

Cameron also urged the US Congress to consider aid to Ukraine as "an investment in American security".

"Ninety percent of what you spend will go into jobs here in America and you can make the decisive difference in getting Ukraine back on the front foot, and getting them to make sure Putin doesn’t win," he said.


Commenting on his meeting held on Monday with the future Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, the Foreign Secretary described their discussions as "good," refusing to provide details and referring to the meeting as "private".

"This year, in the run up to November and whoever is [US] president afterward, no one wants us to be in a situation where Putin is winning, Ukraine is losing and we’re having to deal with that situation. We can help right now," Cameron said.


  • Mike Turner, Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, believes that Russian propaganda gained some ground in the US Congress since the members of the Congress are spreading false narratives about Russia’s war against Ukraine.
  • Before that, the UK Foreign Secretary urged his European counterparts to put pressure on Mike Johnson, the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States Congress, to vote on the project containing assistance to Ukraine.
  • Turner also expressed confidence that aid to Ukraine would receive "overwhelming support" after Congress resumed its work on 9 April, emphasising Speaker Mike Johnson's promise to prioritise funding for Ukraine after the recess.
  • Mike Johnson, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, announced that the aid package for Ukraine would include "some important innovations", including the possibility of extending a US loan to Ukraine.
  • The US Senate passed a compromise bill in winter that combined aid for Ukraine with a range of other national security measures, including efforts to combat illegal migration on the Mexico border. However, Johnson indicated that he would not bring this bill to a vote in the House of Representatives; instead, they would prepare their own.

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