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Trump supports approval of assistance to Ukraine, but in loan form

Saturday, 13 April 2024, 09:29
Trump supports approval of assistance to Ukraine, but in loan form
Donald Trump. Stock photo: Getty Images

Former US President Donald Trump, after meeting with House Speaker Mike Johnson, has hinted that he does not oppose providing assistance to Ukraine but in the form of a loan.

Source: The Hill; European Pravda

Details: Stepping out for comments alongside Johnson at his Mar-a-Lago estate, Trump stated that they are "thinking about making it in the form of a loan instead of just a gift". 


Quote: "We keep handing out gifts of billions and billions of dollars, and we’ll take a look at it," Trump continued. "But much more importantly to me is the fact that Europe has to step up, and they have to give money. They have to equalise. If they don’t equalise I’m very upset about it, because they’re affected much more than we are."


  • On Friday, 12 April, House Speaker Mike Johnson and White House officials were discussing a package that would differ from the Senate's proposed US$95 billion security package and include several Republican demands. After that, he went to meet Trump.
  • For months, Trump has been sceptical about further US assistance to Ukraine, arguing that it is not essential to vital US interests. He suggested that the primary responsibility in this matter should lie with Europe. Trump's views have had a significant influence on Republicans in Congress, complicating the approval of additional funding to support Ukraine.
  • Democrats in both chambers of Congress indicated that they are willing to consider providing assistance to Ukraine in the form of a loan if it helps finally resolve the issue. However, it is not the preferred option for them.
  • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy recently said that Ukraine would accept a loan from the US in the absence of other options.

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