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Trump ally says bill with aid to Ukraine may be considered next week

Saturday, 13 April 2024, 16:18
Trump ally says bill with aid to Ukraine may be considered next week
Stock photo: Getty Images

Marjorie Taylor Green, a pro-Trump congresswoman who earlier initiated the resignation of Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson, has announced that a bill containing aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan may be considered next week.

Source: Taylor Green on Twitter, as reported by European Pravda

Details: Green, who opposes aid to Kyiv, said that amid the threat of an Iranian attack on Israel, Speaker Johnson could bring a separate aid package to Israel for consideration this week but he seems to be following the logic of a single package.


"But instead [he] will likely tie Israel aid to $60 billion for Ukraine next week after Israel has already been attacked by Iran to pressure members of Congress to fund Ukraine in order to fund Israel," she believes.

Therefore, the congresswoman encouraged the Congress not to tie aid to Israel to financial support for Ukraine.

Background: On 13 April, Former US President Donald Trump, after meeting with House Speaker Mike Johnson, hinted that he does not oppose providing assistance to Ukraine but in the form of a loan.

On Friday, 12 April, House Speaker Mike Johnson and White House officials were discussing a package that would differ from the Senate's proposed US$95 billion security package and include several Republican demands. After that, he went to meet Trump.

Trump has been sceptical for months about further US assistance to Ukraine, arguing that it is not essential to vital US interests and that Europe should bear the primary responsibility in this matter. Trump's views have had a significant impact on Republicans in Congress, becoming one of the factors that made it challenging to pass additional funding to support Ukraine.

Democrats in both chambers of Congress have indicated that they would be willing to talk about loan assistance to Ukraine if it would help to finally resolve the issue, although this is not their preferred option.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy recently said that Ukraine would agree to receive aid in the form of a loan from the US in the absence of other options.

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