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Ukraine should receive same support as Israel after Iranian attack, Czech politicians say

Monday, 15 April 2024, 09:28
Ukraine should receive same support as Israel after Iranian attack, Czech politicians say
Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala. Photo: Getty Images

Some Czech politicians believe that the situation in Ukraine requires a coordinated international response similar to that received by Israel during and after the strikes by Iranian drones and missiles.

Source: Euractiv, as reported by European Pravda

Details: Some Czech politicians believe that Ukraine, facing regular Russian drone and missile attacks, should receive the same protection as Israel.


"The Ayatollah’s overnight attack on Israel was successfully repelled thanks to a swift international response and a willingness to defend airspace. It is a pity that we do not defend the airspace over Ukraine with the same vigour…" Czech European Affairs Minister Martin Dvořák from the STAN party noted.

Other politicians associated with the centrist STAN party echoed the minister's sentiments.

"Ukraine deserves the same forceful defence that Israel rightly received from its allies last night," Danuše Nerudová, the leading candidate of STAN for European elections, commented. Czech Member of the European Parliament Markéta Gregorováalso joined the call to strengthen Ukraine's defence.


"I totally condemn Iran’s attack on Israel," Gregorová said, adding, "In light of Scholz’s promise yesterday to supply Ukraine with more Patriots, I believe that the West will finally help build air defences that also protect Ukrainian civilians," Gregorová stated.

Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala emphasised the need to maintain US assistance to Ukraine.

"The US support for Ukraine is absolutely essential," Fiala said on Sunday before departing for the US to meet with President Joe Biden and members of Congress.


  • US House Speaker Mike Johnson said on Sunday that the House would "try again" to vote for military aid to Israel in response to Iran's large-scale attack. But he did not specify whether the package of support for Ukraine would be combined with the aid to Israel and would be voted on this week.
  • US Senate Majority Leader, Democrat Chuck Schumer, said that during a Sunday phone call between President Joe Biden and congressional leaders, a "consensus" was reached that Congress should act quickly to send aid to both Israel and Ukraine.

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