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Ukraine among countries where least fear nuclear threat, poll finds

Wednesday, 17 April 2024, 12:32
Ukraine among countries where least fear nuclear threat, poll finds
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Ukraine ranks among the countries whose residents have the lowest level of fear regarding nuclear threat.

Source: a survey of the Rating sociological group, conducted on the order of the Gallup International research institute at the end of 2023

Quote from the Rating: "Overall, there hasn't been a significant decrease in fears of nuclear threats worldwide throughout the year. Two-fifths of respondents now perceive a high risk of nuclear weapon use. Almost an equal proportion assesses the risk as moderate, with only 14% perceiving no risk."


Details: Overall, fewer respondents in European countries perceive the threat of nuclear weapon use as high compared to countries in Asia, Africa, and South America.

However, certain European countries like Italy, Portugal and Romania express the highest fear of nuclear threat, with over half of the population rating it as high.

Indonesia, Nigeria, Ecuador, Syria, and Argentina have the highest proportion of respondents rating the nuclear threat as high.

Meanwhile, Ukraine, Iran, Pakistan, and Armenia have the highest percentage of respondents who do not perceive such a risk.

Sociologists also emphasise that the youngest respondents tend to have the most pessimistic assessments of the nuclear threat.

The survey was conducted in 41 countries worldwide. From October to December 2023, 40,428 individuals were surveyed (approximately 1,000 individuals per country). In Ukraine, the survey was conducted by the Rating Group.

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