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US to start supplying Ukraine with armament "right away" after Congress' decision – White House

Friday, 19 April 2024, 23:10
US to start supplying Ukraine with armament right away after Congress' decision – White House
Karine Jean-Pierre. Stock photo: Getty Images

The White House expects that the supply of American military aid will start "right away" after the supplementary funding is adopted by the US Congress.

Source: Karine Jean-Pierre, spokesperson of the White House, at the briefing on 19 April, as reported by European Pravda

Details: Asked how quickly the US will begin supplying Ukraine with new military aid after the decision of the Congress, Jean-Pierre replied: "Right away". She added that Joe Biden’s administration has many times stressed the necessity of a quick decision by the lawmakers.


"We’ve been saying, … they have been losing ground because of Congress inaction. But we are very grateful to see that the House is moving in a bipartisan way. We want (the aid package – ed.) to get that out of the House, out of the Senate, to the desk of the president and he will sign it right away," she added.

Jean-Pierre noted that Putin’s goal in Ukraine is to "take over their sovereign territory".

"And we cannot allow that. We know what happens when you do not stop a tyrant, when you do not stop a dictator, and we cannot have that history repeat itself," Jean-Pierre summed up.


  • On 19 April, the US House of Representatives held a procedural vote for four bills on foreign aid, including that for Ukraine, which will then be submitted for consideration of the House.
  • The voting is to be held on Saturday, 20 April. On this day the members of the House will consider all the amendments which underwent the procedural committee earlier, and will then submit each bill for voting one by one.
  • The democratic majority in the Senate promises not to postpone the adoption of the aid packages.

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