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NATO doubts that Putin plans large-scale mobilisation soon

Thursday, 4 April 2024, 21:46
NATO doubts that Putin plans large-scale mobilisation soon
Russian troops. Photo: Getty Images

NATO believes that Russian leader Vladimir Putin will try to postpone the announcement of another wave of mobilisation.

Source: European Pravda’s correspondent from Brussels, citing a NATO official who spoke on condition of anonymity

Details: Reportedly, Russia is currently able to recruit approximately 30,000 additional troops per month to compensate for losses and support its offensive. The official also mentioned Putin’s recent decree on conscription.


Quote: "I believe that as of now, Putin is trying to postpone any other large-scale extraordinary mobilisation measures. He has a lot more domestic problems to solve and to continue demonstrating his might and confidence during the post-election period.

This may mean that an ordinary conscription cycle will be sufficient for now."

The official assumes that despite public promises made by the Russian leadership, a part of the conscripts can end up in the combat zone, but the main goal of this is to transfer a part of the already available troops to the war in Ukraine.


The source stated separately that the consequences of mobilisation are "unevenly distributed throughout Russia" and mostly affect remote regions and minorities.


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