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UK intelligence explains why Russia loses "prestigious" missiles during launches in Ukraine

Tuesday, 9 April 2024, 13:14
UK intelligence explains why Russia loses prestigious missiles during launches in Ukraine
Segments of the tail section of the strategic air-to-ground cruise missile Kh-101. Photo: Getty Images Photo: Getty Images

UK intelligence believes that due to sanctions and haste, Russia faces problems with the production of serviceable air-launched missiles AS-23a KODIAK (also known as Kh-101 and Kh-102), which it uses in attacks on Ukraine's energy infrastructure.

Source: European Pravda; UK Defence Intelligence review dated 9 April on X (Twitter) 

Details: UK intelligence drew attention to photos from open sources taken on 31 March 2024, which show the missile wreckage that fell in a field in Saratov Oblast in the south of the Russian Federation, which, according to UK analysts, turned out to be the wreckage of a Kh-101 or a Kh-102 missile.


Quote: "It is highly likely the debris was the result of a malfunction of a KODIAK missile that was launched towards Ukraine earlier that morning." 

More details: The UK Defence Ministry recalled that Engels Airfield is located in Saratov Oblast, where several bomber strikes of Russian strategic aviation are based.

Quote: "The highly likely malfunction of such a prestigious missile indicates issues in its production, likely impacted by sanctions and being rushed to meet the demands of the conflict." 


  • In early reports, UK intelligence reported that due to the Ukrainian attacks on Sevastopol on 28 March, Russia could shoot down its own Su-27 fighter, an incident reported by one of the Crimean Telegram channels.
  • Before that, the UK intelligence told how sanctions violate the supply of key components for the Russian defence industry.
  • Also, UK intelligence noted that the average daily losses of Russian troops on the battlefield in Ukraine decreased during March, which corresponds to a smaller number of registered attacks over the past month.

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