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Authorities state fortification works planned for 2023 in Kharkiv Oblast are 100% completed

Wednesday, 15 May 2024, 18:57
Authorities state fortification works planned for 2023 in Kharkiv Oblast are 100% completed
Stock photo: Mil.In.Ua

Oleh Syniehubov, Head of Kharkiv Oblast Military Administration, has reacted to the situation with concrete tetrahedrons (triangles – ed.) in Kharkiv Oblast and reported that the works planned for 2023 had been fully completed.

Source: Syniehubov on social media

Quote: "All works on the installation of tetrahedrons with barbed wire were planned for 2023-2024. The tasks set by the military for 2023 have been completed by 100%. This is confirmed by the relevant conclusions of the controlling authorities.


A part of the work was started in 2024 in accordance with the plan, but the works were put on hold in some areas due to constant Russian attacks. They will be completed once it is physically possible."

Details: Syniehubov stated that the photos, which are being spread on social media, show the remaining materials that were removed by the contractor at the request of one of the brigades for further installation.

Syniehubov says that these materials account for 0.4% of the total construction work of the fortifications of this type.

Photo: Deepstate

Quote: "So this is far from being the quantity of tetrahedrons, which, according to some bloggers, could potentially affect the course of combat action.

Spreading such disinformation discredits the troops and those who conduct defensive works."

Details: Syniehubov notes that all the fake information, which emerged right on the day of Russian occupying troops’ invasion of the city of Vovchansk in Kharkiv Oblast, is being spread deliberately and is sometimes backed by the media.


  • Earlier, photos were shared on social media, which allegedly showed tetrahedrons dropped in one place on the outskirts of Liptsy.
  • On 13 May, Syniehubov stated that, on his orders, a meeting is to be held at which all those involved in building fortifications in the oblast will report on the work that has been done.

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