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Russia's Tuapse oil refinery shut down after drone attack – Reuters

Saturday, 18 May 2024, 02:37
Russia's Tuapse oil refinery shut down after drone attack – Reuters
Fire in the town of Tuapse. Photo: Ostorozhno Novosti Telegram channel

A fire caused by a Ukrainian drone attack on the Tuapse oil refinery on Russia's Black Sea coast has led to an emergency shutdown of the facility. However, there has been a possibility of restarting the refinery fairly soon.

Source: Reuters with reference to two sources familiar with the situation

Details: The fire at Rosneft's oil refinery has been extinguished. 


Rosneft did not give any comment on the attack. 

One source stated that the drones hit a liquefied gas production unit in Tuapse, while the oil processing unit remained undamaged. 

The source noted that there was no black smoke during the fire, indicating that only liquefied gas was burning. 


The source added that, from a technical perspective, it is possible to bypass the liquefied gas unit and restart the refinery relatively soon.

The Tuapse oil refinery shut down oil processing and production due to the fire caused by a drone attack on 25 January and remained closed for about three months. It had resumed operations at the end of April.


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