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White House on Putin's visit to North Korea: Russia seeks to form coalition

Thursday, 20 June 2024, 04:30
White House on Putin's visit to North Korea: Russia seeks to form coalition
Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un. Photo: RIA Novosti

Michael Carpenter, Senior Director for European Affairs at the US National Security Council, has stated that Russian leader Vladimir Putin's visit to North Korea demonstrates Russia's desire to build a coalition with other countries, including North Korea, Iran, Syria and, to some extent, China.

Source: Ukrinform news agency, citing Carpenter

Details: Carpenter noted that this will not help Russia in its confrontation with the entire democratic world, which continues to provide strong support to Ukraine.


Regarding the meeting between Putin and Kim Jong Un in Pyongyang and the elaborate display that underscores the authoritarian nature of the North Korean regime, it appears to be aimed at expanding their partnership.

Russia's closest allies now include North Korea, Iran, Syria and, to some degree, China, which, while not directly supplying weapons, is exporting a lot of dual-use items used in production of advanced weapons systems.

Carpenter clarified that this includes nitrocellulose for gunpowder production, optics and machine tools for the Russian military–industrial complex. According to him, this increases the threat to Ukraine and European security.


He said it is the coalition Russia is building, noting the sharp contrast with the group of 50 nations in the Ukraine Defence Contact Group and approximately 100 countries that support the UN Charter principles in Switzerland.

Previously: Russian leader Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un signed a comprehensive strategic partnership agreement, which includes a provision about mutual assistance in case of aggression against either of these states.


  • On the eve of his visit to North Korea, Putin had published an article in which he praised North Korea for its "firm support" of the Russians in the war against Ukraine and said he was ready to work closely with North Korea "to make international relations more democratic and stable".
  • On 19 June, Russian propaganda publications said North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un expressed "full support" for Russian aggression in Ukraine during the Kremlin leader's visit to North Korea.


  • In March, South Korea reported that North Korea has sent about 7,000 containers containing ammunition and other military equipment to Russia since last year.
  • South Korean Defence Minister Shin Won-sik said that DPRK's munitions factories are working at full capacity to supply weapons to Russia.
  • The United States has information, confirmed by satellite imagery, that North Korea has delivered over 1,000 containers of ammunition to Russia.
  • In mid-June, Shin Won-sik said North Korea had sent at least 10,000 containers to Russia by sea, which could contain up to 4.8 million artillery shells.

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