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Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant

70 National Guard soldiers who guarded Chornobyl NPP brought back from captivity, 107 still held by Russians

Special cameras installed in Chornobyl Exclusion Zone with night vision and great visibility

130 National Guard defenders of Chornobyl NPP remain in Russian captivity, 47 have been released

Radiation does not recognise state borders, just like Russia – Zelenskyy

Russia says Ukraine prepares evidence about export of radioactive materials from Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant during occupation

Former Ukrainian General who helped Russia seize Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant may be granted asylum in Russia

Security Service of Ukraine releases video of Russian seizing of Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant

"It's a fake": Response from Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant to information about a stolen flask containing a radioactive substance

Russians have stolen radioactive items from Chernobyl, which police seized from stalkers

“Picnic at the Chornobyl Zone”: Ukrainian border guards discover traces of the presence of Russian soldiers in radioactive territory

The headquarters of the Russian military and about a thousand invaders were at the Chornobyl nuclear power plant

Kyiv region: Ukrainian military take control of Pripyat and section of border

More than 10,000 hectares of the Chornobyl zone have been engulfed in fires during the occupation

Ukrainian flag was raised at the Chornobyl nuclear power plant

Russian troops looted Chornobyl power plant and the nearby hotel, taking even cutlery

Russians who left the Chornobyl nuclear power plant took Ukrainian National Guards with them

Russian troops exposed to radiation are leaving Chornobyl and Slavutych – Energoatom

Movement of 100 Russian military vehicles away from Chernobyl seen in Belarus

Belarusian media: Russian soldiers are regularly brought to the radiation medical centre

Enemy occupies Chernobyl NPP