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State Bureau of Investigation

Death of former commander-in-chief Zaluzhnyi's aide: Investigation bureau reports progress

Investigation into military plane crash in Zhytomyr Oblast: Aircraft were serviceable, sabotage refuted by evidence

Spying on Bihus.Info journalists: Prosecutor General's Office announces launch of another investigation

Ukrainian MP Shufrych faces new allegation

Former Ukrainian MP Kuzmin's state treason case heads to court

Russian national, whose extradition Ukraine wants, seeks political asylum in Argentina

Prosecutor General's Office to request arrest and US$13 million bail for son of businessman involved in MoD procurement case

Son of infamous Lviv businessman detained in Odesa: He prepared to flee abroad – photo

Brovary plane crash anniversary: investigation examines 163 case volumes

Guards of former pro-Russian president Yanukovych served with notice of suspicion 10 years after helping him flee

Helicopter crash in Brovary that killed Interior Ministry officials: State Investigation Bureau completes investigation

Former National Guard unit commander suspected of causing US$700,000 in losses

Death of Commander-in-Chief's aide: officer served with notice of suspicion

Investigation considers 4 lines of enquiry in case of Zaluzhnyi's aide death

State Bureau of Investigations to investigate death of aide of Ukraine's Commander-in-Chief

Maidan cases: Investigation reveals influence of Russian special services on Ukraine's Security Service

6 police officers who shot at unarmed protesters in 2014 to be tried

State Investigation Bureau detains Makiivka foundry CEO accused of collaborating with Russia since 2014

Ukraine's State Bureau of Investigations opens proceedings over video of conscripts being battered in Ternopil

Murder of Heavenly Hundred: Law enforcement officers complete investigation of Maidan case

State Bureau of Investigation hands over helicopter that Motor Sich company wanted to hide from Armed Forces

Ukraine's State Bureau of Investigation searches house of infamous judge Yemelianov

Ukraine's State Bureau of Investigations reveals how it investigates rapid occupation of south of Ukraine

Helicopter seized from Ukrainian oligarch is handed over to military

Helicopter crash near Kramatorsk: investigation launched

SBI investigates plane crash in Zhytomyr Oblast, which killed three Air Force pilots

Soldiers spend almost a year building house for senior officer, receiving "frontline" pay

State Bureau of Investigation already investigating more than 100 cases of abuse of authority by military enlistment officers

State Bureau of Investigation detains head of Kyiv military enlistment office: He was forging documents for evaders

Russian oligarch Giner served with notice of suspicion for building TPPs in Crimea and supplying ammunition to Russia's army