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Russians carry out missile strike on fire station in Izium

Two more women wounded in shelling of Balakliia, Kharkiv Oblast

Russian missile attack on Izium injures 10-year-old boy

French Ambassador visits Izium

Russians hit car park in Balakliia with missile, injuring five people

Investigation identifies soldier, "Kadyrov's nephew", who shot forensic expert in Izium

Teenagers trigger Russian anti-personnel mine in Izium: City Council clarifies details and number of casualties

Seven teenagers trigger landmine in Izium, all have shrapnel wounds

Gas supply restored in liberated Izium

City of Izium 80% destroyed by Russian occupiers

Kuleba invited Congress members who called for negotiations between the USA and the Russian Federation to visit Izium

Mine clearers drive over a mine in Kharkiv Oblast: 1 killed, 5 wounded

About 1000 bodies of the dead were exhumed in liberated territories

Police find 13 bagfuls of occupiers' secret documents in Izium

Russian Foreign Ministry claims exhumation of bodies in Izium "is being staged, just like Bucha"

Mountains of syringes and medicines: "hospital" that the Russians set up in a school is found in Izium

In Izium 447 bodies exhumed, many women and children

Some residents of Izium will need to evacuate for winter

338 bodies exhumed in Izium

Identity confirmed of tortured Ukrainian soldier whose body was found with blue-and-yellow wristbands on

Russian forces forbade Izium residents from burying their dead early in occupation

Mop-up operations continue in Kharkiv Oblast, mutilated bodies found with genitals cut off

National Police of Ukraine finds torture chamber in liberated Izium

Exhumation in Izium to сontinue for two weeks, more graves are searched for – Mayor

59 bodies exhumed in Izium, most showing signs of violent death – Kharkiv Oblast Military Administration

Maxar company shows satellite images of mass burial site near Izium

99% bodies exhumed in Izium have "signs of violent death" – Kharkiv Oblast Military Administration

Russia repeats its Bucha crimes in Izium – Zelenskyy

Soldiers buried with their hands tied found in Izium – Ombudsman

Number of fatalities in Izium may significantly exceed that of Bucha tragedy – ombudsman