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Identity confirmed of tortured Ukrainian soldier whose body was found with blue-and-yellow wristbands on

Russians fire 75 projectiles on Nikopol district overnight

Russian forces attack Nikopol and 2 Dnipropetrovsk Oblast hromadas overnight

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast: Russian attacks damage 11 residential buildings and school in Nikopol

Russian forces hit Nikopol using Grad MLRS, injuring civilians and damaging 20 apartment buildings

Russian forces shell Nikopol using tubed artillery

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast: occupying forces hit Nikopol district using Grad MLRS and heavy artillery

Head of Nikopol district: Number of occupiers on opposite bank of river decreased

Occupiers hit Nikopol, killing 1 woman and injuring others

Russians strike Nikopol, hitting the administrative building and houses

Residents of Nikopol district are asked not to visit malls and public areas

Dnipro district hit twice overnight with X-22 missiles – Regional Military Administration

Invaders shell Nikopol district, two people injured

Russians fire on Nikopol using tubed artillery – District Military Administration

Dnipropetrovsk region: three attacks overnight, 15 shells fired on Nikopol

Russian forces use MLRS to attack Nikopol

Russian forces attack Nikopol

Russian attack on Dnipropetrovsk Oblast: death toll rises to 13

Russian forces use MLRS to strike Nikopol

Russians fire 60 rockets on Nikopol using Grad MLRS: dozens of houses and equipment damaged

Russia shells Nikopol once again

Russia shells Nikopol using MLRS

Residents of Nikopol are warned of possible new strikes by Russian troops

Nikopol City Hall announces reward for helping to catch traitors

Shelling of Nikopol: Russian forces fire 100 rounds from MLRS overnight, killing one person

Occupiers fire on Nikopol overnight using MLRS – Mayor

Due to shelling, residents of Nikopol were urged to temporarily relocate deep within the district

Russian army attack Nikopol again: 30 shells, 2 dead, 9 injured

Russia hits Nikopol with 40 rockets launched from Grad MLRS

Shelling of Nikopol: two dead bodies removed from under the rubble