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Occupiers hit Nikopol district twice at night, killing woman

Russians hit Nikopol: five people injured, industrial facility damaged

Russians attack Nikopol district with illuminating ammunition

Ukrainian Air Force downs two Russian UAVs above Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

Russian invaders attack Nikopol twice: one woman wounded, a lot of destruction

Russians shell Nikopol

Occupiers hit Nikopol with artillery at night

Russian drones drop explosives on Nikopol, injuring 3 civilians

Russian forces attack Nikopol and nearby locations, injuring civilian

Russians shell church in Nikopol with artillery, two people injured

Russians target Dvorichna and Nikopol, six people injured

Nikopol Military Administration warns city residents of possible false flag operations during nuclear watchdog mission's visit

Russian forces attack Nikopol district with drone, one person wounded

Russia shelled Nikopol raion from a drone: cars burned, gas pipelines were damaged

Russians hit Nikopol injuring six people

Russian forces shell Nikopol in morning, causing destruction

Russians fire more than 100 shells on two areas in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, damage reported

Russia fires about 100 shells in Nikopol district in a day: dozens of houses damaged

Occupiers shell Nikopol overnight, damaging haulage company and industrial plants

Russian forces shell city of Nikopol using heavy artillery on evening of 28 February

Russians shell Nikopol with heavy artillery all night through

Russians shell Nikopol at night, damaging residential houses and business premises

Russians attack Nikopol district three times in a day, killing civilian and wounding 2 more

Russian forces hit Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, damaging multi-storey buildings and killing one person

Russians shell Nikopol district – 60,000 households without water

Russian invaders shell Nikopol with BMP-2, residential buildings damaged

Russians fire on hromadas in Nikopol district using heavy artillery

Russians attack Nikopol in the evening

Russian forces deploy heavy artillery to shell Nikopol district

Russians fire on hromadas in Nikopol district with heavy artillery