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Russians shell Nikopol with Grad MLRS, man dies after being wounded day before

Occupiers shell Nikopol with heavy artillery, severely injuring a man

Russian forces shower Nikopol district using Grads overnight, damaging gas pipelines and power grid

Russians shell Nikopol using heavy artillery at night

Russian morning attack on Nikopol district with use of Grad multiple rocket launchers: people wounded, power lines damaged

Over 50 Russian projectiles target residential quarters in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

Russians fire 50 projectiles on Nikopol district, damaging houses, shops, power lines

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast: Russians shell three settlements with more than 50 projectiles overnight

Russian forces fire 50 projectiles on Nikopol, destroying houses, gas pipelines, power transmission lines

Russians shell Dnipropetrovsk Oblast during the day, kill one civilian

Russians shell Nikopol throughout the night using heavy artillery

Russian forces hit Nikopol, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast: high-rise buildings damaged, one person injured

Russian forces attack Nikopol district overnight

Russian forces fire more than 70 projectiles on Nikopol district

Russian forces deploy Grad MLRS and heavy artillery to attack Nikopol, injuring 1 civilian

40 Russian projectiles target residential quarters of Nikopol: one casualty reported

Russian forces attack Nikopol, hitting a solar power plant

Shelling of Nikopol: 20 civilian homes and power lines damaged

Russian attacks target 10 residential buildings in Nikopol

Russia fires 40 shells and rockets on Nikopol overnight, 2 women injured

Russians hit Nikopol district, two civilians wounded

Russians pound Nikopol with Uragan MLRS

Russians attack energy and water facilities in Kryvyi Rih with Iskander missile systems and Shahed drones

Russian forces fire up to 40 shells on Nikopol, damaging houses, kindergartens and shops

Shahed drone shot down in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast; Nikopol district under attack all night

Nikopol: Russians fire more than 40 shells, 1 person injured

Russians launch night and morning attacks on Nikopol, injuring 7 people

50 strikes in Nikopol, 2 people injured

Russians use incendiary ammunition to attack Nikopol district

Russians rain fire on Nikopol district all night long