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Russians launch half a dozen drones at Nikopol district over day: 72-year-old man injured – photo

Russians bombard Nikopol, killing civilian woman

70-year-old man injured in Russian attack of Nikopol district – photo

Russians drop explosives on car in Nikopol, killing civilian

Rubble being cleared in Dnipro: Drones hit high-rise building and enterprise – photo

Russians strike Nikopol district, injure 87-year-old woman and 2 more people – photo

Russians strike Nikopol with artillery, injuring a civilian – photo, video

Two men injured in Russian attack on Nikopol – photo

Russians launch 18 kamikaze drones at Nikopol district, wounding a woman

Russians carry out numerous attacks on Nikopol district in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast – photo

Two people injured in Russian attack on Nikopol

Russians attack Nikopol district with artillery, injuring woman

Russians bombard Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, wounding man and firing missile at Synelnykove district – photo

Russians bombard Dnipropetrovsk Oblast with heavy artillery

Russian troops attack Nikopol 8 times in one day

Russians attack Nikopol district with drones and artillery

Russian forces target Dnipro district with missile, strike Nikopol

Russian invaders attack Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, injuring civilians

Russians target Nikopol with night vision drones – photo

One civilian killed and several injured in Russian attack on Nikopol district – photo

Russian drone hits residential building in Nikopol

Russians attack Nikopol in the morning, injuring civilians

Two people injured in Russian artillery strike on Nikopol

Russia attacks Nikopol, injuring people, damaging drugstore, car and buses

Man killed and woman injured in Nikopol due to Russian attacks

Russians attack Nikopol, killing two women – photo

Russians launch 11 drones on Nikopol district, injuring two civilians – photo

Russia launches kamikaze drone on Nikopol and shells city, injuring woman

Russians shell Nikopol, injuring 86-year-old woman

Gymnasium in Nikopol district damaged by Russian attack