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Russians attack Nikopol district at night, fire breaks out

Hotels and houses in Nikopol come under Russian artillery fire

Rescue workers complete rubble removal of school in Nikopol: 4 people killed

Body of third person found under rubble of school in Nikopol

75-year old woman injured due to attack on Nikopol

Russians target Nikopol with heavy artillery

Russian forces hit Nikopol district: 2 people injured, business premises damaged

Authorities report Russian drone attack on Nikopol

Three civilians injured in Nikopol in Russian attack

Russians shell Nikopol district, injuring 4 civilians and damaging infrastructure

Russian attack on Dnipropetrovsk Oblast injures 4 people

Russians attack Nikopol twice using drone and artillery

Russians strike Nikopol from heavy artillery: person injured, facilities damaged

Russians attack Nikopol with heavy artillery and Grad MLRS: extensive damage

Russian forces bombard Nikopol, killing one civilian and injuring another

Attack on Nikopol: Two injured, more than 20 private buildings damaged

Russians attack Nikopol with heavy artillery

Russians shells Nikopol using artillery, injuring three people

Russian forces deploy heavy artillery in overnight attack on Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

Russian forces attack Nikopol once again, damaging a church, an administrative building and private houses

Russians shell factory in Nikopol, killing two people

Russians strike Nikopol, civilian injured

Russians attack Nikopol district, kill civilian

Russians attack Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, injuring woman

Ukraine's defenders down Russian Shahed drone over Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

Russia fires on Nikopol, causing damage

Nikopol struck with 30 shells, 2 men and a girl injured

Russian forces attack Kostiantynivka, killing 2 people and injuring 10, including children

Russians strike Nikopol with artillery fire, damaging 3 private houses

Russian forces once again attack Nikopol, injuring 1 man and damaging business premises and gas station