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Education Ministry reports on the state of Kherson schools after occupation

Russians fire 3 missiles at college in Mykolaiv at night, one person killed

Russian teachers begin to flee Melitopol

Russian universities will be forced to offer a class about "Russia’s great future"

Car of Russian collaborator responsible for education blown up in Melitopol

Russians introduce remote learning in Luhansk region, handing out assignments in schoolyards – Head of Oblast Military Administration

Russian occupiers force teachers to use Russian curriculum in Kherson Oblast schools – Oblast Council

In Zaporizhzhia Oblast, children study at school where the invaders live – General Staff

Schools destroyed by Russian military are being restored: Ukrainian charitable foundation looks for patrons

Occupiers urge schoolchildren in Crimea to join Russian army on 1 September

In occupied part of Kherson Oblast, school year begins with "brainwashing" – Oblast Military Administration

How many schools are damaged by occupiers: data of Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence

Russians unable to open schools in occupied Mariupol – Mayor's advisor

500 teachers from Russia brought to Melitopol, with promise of "free accomodation"

Crimean schools to be named after Russian soldiers fighting against Ukraine

Russian occupiers in Kharkiv Oblast threaten to take away children whose parents refuse to send them to school

Destroyed and without a roof: the occupiers announce the opening of 16 schools in Mariupol by 1 September

Nova Kakhovka: Russians offer parents 2,000 roubles to send their children to Russified schools

"Baptism of Kyivan Rus took place in Chersonesus": Russian occupation authorities prepare a pseudo-historical guide for 1 September

Russians destroy boarding school in Zaporizhzhia with 5 missiles 

Ukraine appeals to UNESCO regarding children being oppressed in occupied territories

Invaders abduct two headteachers in Nova Kakhovka – mayor

Kherson region: occupiers threaten parents who do not want to let their children go to schools seized by the Russians

Russian missiles hit educational institutions in Kramatorsk and Mykolaiv

Ministry of Internal Affairs reported how many Ukrainian schools are equipped with shelters

22,000 teachers left Ukraine abroad due to war

Mykolaiv shelling: two rockets hit university

Russians do not allow children from occupied territories to take National Multi-Subject Test – Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine

Occupiers establish fake university in Melitopol – mayor

In Nikopol a simplified procedure for the external independent testing of university applicants was cancelled after numerous air attacks