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Russians hacked into Ukraine's nationwide university entrance test

End-of-term celebrations cancelled for almost all schoolchildren in occupied Crimea

Occupiers use educational institutions for shelter in Donetsk Oblast – General Staff

End-of-term celebrations cancelled in schools in Russia's Bryansk Oblast

More than half of Ukrainian children in Poland do not attend local schools

Russia prepared new history textbook with lies about war in Ukraine

Russian occupiers introduce lessons on "Special Military Operation" in history curriculum in Ukraine's occupied territories

Russia starts removing references to Kyiv from school textbooks

Russian occupiers in Enerhodar loot schools and kindergartens ahead of expected Ukrainian counteroffensive

Russians destroy gymnasium in Orikhove, Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Russia decides to strengthen "spiritual basis": manual for schoolchildren to be created

Russians in Berdiansk conduct searches at homes of families not sending children to their schools

Russian communists want to force school students to raise "Victory Flag" on Mondays

Educational Ombudsman suggests alternative to destroyed schools

Russian morning attack on Kharkiv causes serious damage to one of universities

Russian invaders deported 50 high school students from Lysychansk to Russian Federation

History textbook with information on war against Ukraine will enter Russian schools this year

Russians damaged school and kindergarten in Sumy Oblast

Russia introduces lessons of lapta in schools, believing it will prepare schoolchildren for army

Half a million Ukrainian school-age children are currently living abroad

Shevchenko University buildings significantly damaged in Kyiv attack

War and occupation of Ukraine: Russia starts rewriting history textbook

New school curriculum is approved in Russia

Putin decided to fight fakes with "foundations of Russian statehood"

Over 11,000 school-age children remain in Mariupol

When there are no missile strikes, that doesn’t mean there are no problems – Zelenskyy

Over 2,000 Ukrainian schools and kindergartens are under occupation

Professor fired for pro-Ukrainian online content now detained for sharing a Ukrainian folk song on social media

Ukraine withdraws from International Centre for Scientific and Technical Information because of Russia

Russia destroyed 3 million hectares of forest and ruined 332 educational facilities – Zelenskyy