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Russians intend to send Crimean teachers to work in occupied Ukrainian cities – CrimeaSOS

Sumy Oblast Military Administration show video of village school after Russian shelling

Russians captured Kherson University and kidnapped vice-rector - Media

Sombre waltz of Kharkiv high school graduates in front of their school's ruins

Ruined schools, pressure on teachers and ban on Ukrainian: ombudsman reported educational genocide

Advisor to Mariupol Mayor: Russia extends school year until end of summer to “de-Ukrainianise” Ukrainian children

Occupiers force teachers to switch to Russian curriculum in Kherson Region - Regional Council

Russians aims to close Crimean Tatar school in occupied Crimea

Zelenskyy: The word "Ruscism" will enter history textbooks all over the world

Lessons about the war with Ukraine to be introduced in Russian schools

Russia has caused more than $5 billion worth of damage to the Ukrainian education system - Shkarlet

Karazin University to relocate from Kharkiv

Russians kidnapped the Head of the Education Department in Melitopol - Ivan Fedorov

280 schools bombed and shelled by Russian troops since beginning of war

Russian troops bomb school in Zhytomyr

In the morning of 4 March Russian troops executed a missile strike on school no. 25 in the city of Zhytomyr (west of Kyiv). The school was destroyed.

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine places a ban on forcing teachers to take unpaid leave

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine began to receive complaints from teachers, who have been forced to write applications for unpaid leave.

National Aviation University Acting President Caught on Receiving €170,000 Bribe

Acting President of the National Aviation University in Kyiv Volodymyr Kharchenko was detained as he received €170,000 bribe.

Controversial Prosecutor ‘Paid £120,000 for His Daughter’s Studies in England’

Ex-Deputy Prosecutor of Kyivska Oblast Oleksandr Korniets paid £120,000 for his daughter Anastasia’s studies in the UK.

Indictment Over ‘Scheme Boosting Politically-Connected Kids’ School Results’

On July 27, the Prosecutor General’s Office forwarded an indictment against the former Director of the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment Ihor Likarchuk, his two deputies and four other people to court, the GPU press service reports on August 15.

Finance Minister Explains Cutting University Stipends

Finance Minister Oleksandr Danyliuk told an Ekonomichna Pravda reporter why he wanted to scrap payment of student stipends.

Education Minister: External Independent Testing is Now Fraud-Proof

On Thursday, June 30, Education Minister Liliya Hrynevych claimed all possible measures had been taken to protect the system of External Independent Testing (EIT) from forgery.