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Lviv: 3-year-old refugee from Kharkiv among the wounded

Monday, 18 April 2022, 15:22
Lviv: 3-year-old refugee from Kharkiv among the wounded


Mayor of the city of Lviv Andrii Sadovyi has stated that a 3-year-old refugee from Kharkiv was among those wounded in the morning missile attack. 


Source: Andrii Sadovyi, Facebook

Direct speech: "11 people were injured in the morning missile attack. Three-year-old Artem is among them. He came from Kharkiv with his mom to escape the war. But a russian missile found them in Lviv. The child was provided with all necessary aid. There is no threat to his life. 

We mourn the killed but should be as vigilant as possible. The enemy gets wild. Attacks on civilian objects may increase. 

There are no safe places in Ukraine today. Therefore, I emphasize once again, I ask all the citizens - when you hear a siren, please, go to a shelter!"

Details: The mother of Artem explained that as a result of the explosion, windows in a nearby building shattered, and a piece of glass cut off half of the boy’s finger on his left hand. 

According to Sadovy, 3 more wounded people are in critical condition in intensive care units. Doctors are fighting for their lives.

Of the seven killed in the missile attack, the youngest was 30 years old. The Mayor  said that these deaths are the first in the city since the beginning of full-scale war. 


  • On the morning of 18 April, Russian forces executed 5 missile strikes on Lviv. Railway equipment was damaged as a result of the attacks, which caused train delays.

First, the military administration reported about 6 people killed and 8 wounded in the missile attack. Shortly after, the local government reported that 7 people had been killed. A blastwave damaged a hotel where refugees from the eastern regions of Ukraine were accommodated.