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Russia keeps one Kalibr cruise missiles launcher in Black Sea

Sunday, 13 November 2022, 11:48
Russia keeps one Kalibr cruise missiles launcher in Black Sea

One Russian vessel armed with Kalibr cruise missiles on board is still in the Black Sea; a total number of those missiles is eight. Additionally, five Russian missile carriers are in the Mediterranean Sea. 

Source: Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Facebook

Quote from Naval Forces: "As of 13 November 2022, 14 enemy vessels are on duty in the Black Sea, one of them being a launch vehicle of Kalibr cruise missiles. A total number of missiles there is eight. 10 enemy vessels are in the Mediterranean Sea, including 5 Kalibr cruise missiles launchers. The total number of missiles is 76."


Details: It is also reported that the Russians keep controlling sea communications in the Azov Sea by keeping one vessel on duty. 

Over the day, the following number of ships passed through Kerch-Yenikale Strait, to Russia’s benefit:

  • To the Azov Sea – 30 vessels, including 4 that were moving from the Bosphorus Strait; 
  • To the Black Sea – 32 vessels, including 9 that kept going towards the Bosphorus Strait.

Ukrainian Naval Forces have stressed that Russia keeps violating the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea from 1974 (SOLAS), as it turns off systems of automatic identification on civilian vessels in the Azov Sea.



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