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Soledar: Wagner Group militants under crossfire

Wednesday, 11 January 2023, 13:52
Soledar: Wagner Group militants under crossfire

Border guards have demonstrated the destruction of a Russian infantry group in Soledar, Donetsk Oblast. 

Source: State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

Quote: "The units of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine carry out combat missions on the Bakhmut front as part of the defence forces of Ukraine.


For example, at the beginning of January, the border guards, in cooperation with the units of one of the mechanised brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, hampered the enemy offensive on Soledar. Border aerial reconnaissance detected the movement of an enemy infantry group. Border guards reported information on the enemy movements to the command post of the defence forces and monitored enemy actions in real time.

Approaching the positions of our defenders, the Wagner militia came under crossfire. The enemy suffered losses and was pressed to the ground by fire from large-calibre machine guns.


The defeat of the occupiers on this front was caused by an accurate artillery strike, which was also adjusted by the "birds" [drones – ed.] of the border guards.

Details: The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine reiterates: effective aerial reconnaissance is the key to success on the battlefield. A fundraising campaign for drones for border guards is underway.

Why it's important: Currently, the Bakhmut front is one of the main epicentres of Russian attacks.

The fiercest battles are going on near Soledar; the Russian leadership has thrown the PMC Wagner special forces to the front lines with the support of Russian regular army units.

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