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Building destroyed and 4 buses burnt down – aftermath of Russia's overnight attack on Kyiv

Tuesday, 16 May 2023, 09:55
Building destroyed and 4 buses burnt down – aftermath of Russia's overnight attack on Kyiv

The Russian attack on Kyiv on the night of 16 May has burnt four buses and a garage and dealt destruction.

Source: State Emergency Service of Ukraine (SES) in Kyiv on Facebook

Quote from SES: "The enemy carried out another attack on Kyiv on the night of 16 May. Preliminary reports indicate that the fall of debris was reported in the Solomianskyi, Sviatoshynskyi, Shevchenkivskyi, Obolonskyi and Darnytskyi districts [of Kyiv].


A piece of debris fell in the Solomianskyi district, causing a fire. At the scene, emergency workers found that four buses and a garage with a total area of 200 square metres were on fire."


Details: As we can see from the photo, the double-decker buses that Kyiv received from Berlin at the beginning of the year burned down.

In February, Kyivpastrans [a municipal company that operates public transport in Kyiv - ed.] announced that they were looking for the best routes for the launch of these four double-decker buses.


A nearby building has also been severely damaged over an area of 200 square metres, with separate fire pockets totalling 20 square metres. The fires have been put out.

The SES stated that the damage was minor in other districts, as in most cases, debris fell on parked cars, the adjacent territory or a forest park area.


There is currently no information about the victims.


The fires were extinguished, involving 13 pieces of basic and special fire and rescue equipment and 70 personnel.

At the same time, Ruslan Kravchenko, Head of the Kyiv Oblast State Administration, reported that the roof of a private house has been damaged due to falling debris of the missile in one of the hromadas in Kyiv Oblast [a hromada is an administrative unit designating a town, village or several villages and their adjacent territories – ed.]. In another hromada, minor damage to the fence near the house was found.

No hits were recorded. There are no casualties.


  • On the night of 15–16 May, air-raid warnings were issued throughout Ukraine, including twice in Kyiv and Kyiv Oblast.
  • A series of loud explosions occurred in the capital, and air defence systems were activated.
  • Fragments of a downed missile fell on the territory of the zoo in Kyiv’s Shevchenkivskyi district; more fragments also landed in the Darnytskyi, Obolonskyi and Solomianskyi districts in Kyiv. A non-residential building and several cars caught fire in the Solomianskyi district, and two more have been damaged by missile fragments in the Darnytskyi district. Preliminary information indicated that there are three victims in the Solomianskyi district.
  • On the night of 15-16 May, the Russian invaders attacked Ukraine with 18 missiles of various types and a number of Shahed drones, with all Russian targets shot down by the defenders.

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