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Attempts to freeze war in Ukraine are wrong – UK Prime Minister

Tuesday, 23 May 2023, 09:19
Attempts to freeze war in Ukraine are wrong – UK Prime Minister

Attempts to freeze the war in Ukraine at the present stage are "absolutely wrong" and must be stopped.

Source: Evening Standard, referring to Rishi Sunak, UK Prime Minister

Details: Speaking in parliament, Sunak responded to former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who called for a ceasefire in Ukraine. He called on the UK to support international calls for an end to hostilities in Ukraine.


Quote: "He [the UK prime minister -ed.] is right, that a ceasefire is not peace, but any peace process has to be started by a ceasefire, otherwise this war will go on and get worse and worse," said Corbyn.

Sunak said that he can not agree with him.

"A ceasefire is not a just and lasting peace for Ukraine. Russia has conducted an illegal and unprovoked invasion. It has committed heinous war crimes and the right and only response to that is for Russia to withdraw its forces from Ukraine, and all plans masquerading as peace plans, that are in fact attempts just to freeze the conflict where it is, are absolutely wrong and they should be called out," Sunak stated.


The UK prime minister also emphasised that other countries have agreed to the principle of "just and lasting peace", which is based on the UN charter, territorial integrity and sovereignty.

"We will keep ensuring that the peace Ukraine has is one that it deserves and one that is truly just and lasting," added Sunak.

Background: Dmytro Kuleba, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, stated that mediation between Ukraine and Russia to end the full-scale war is acceptable only if it meets two "fundamental principles".

Kuleba also warns against sprouting peace plans for Ukraine "like mushrooms after rain".

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