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People dispersed to reduce number victims before second attack on Pokrovsk

Tuesday, 8 August 2023, 10:23
People dispersed to reduce number victims before second attack on Pokrovsk
Photo from Pavlo Kyrylenko's Telegram

People who arrived at the site of the first missile strike on a high-rise building in Pokrovsk managed to disperse because information about a possible second strike was received.

Source: Pavlo Kyrylenko, Head of Donetsk Oblast Military Administration, on air during a Radio Liberty broadcast

Quote: "Yes. There is a proven algorithm: do not go to the scene [of an attack – ed.], and, depending on the type of attack, leave after a certain period of time, measured in minutes. But this [in Pokrovsk – ed.] was a hit in a residential high-rise building, where people could be under the rubble. That's why the investigative and operational group, the State Emergency Service, and military administration employees immediately went to the site to conduct a search and rescue operation.

Yes. We were able [after the first strike – ed.] to receive an additional signal about the high probability of a second strike. People were dispersed, evacuated, and the territory was cordoned off."

Details: Kyrylenko said that "a large number of people were saved in that short period of time". In particular, media representatives immediately tried to get to the scene after the first hit.

He added that the main category of victims was the employees of the services who inspected the scene and carried out the search and rescue operation after the first strike.


  • Russian troops launched a missile attack on the centre of Pokrovsk, Donetsk Oblast, on the evening of 7 August. 
  • Seven people were killed and 67 more were injured, including 29 police officers, seven rescue workers and two children, as a result of a missile attack on residential buildings.
  • The first strike targeted civilians, and the second targeted the services that arrived at the scene. Kyrylenko said the first strike took place at 19:15 and the second at 19:52.

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