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NATO does not see Russia planning to attack member states

Monday, 11 September 2023, 18:14
NATO does not see Russia planning to attack member states
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NATO sees no sign that Russia intends to attack any member state of the Alliance.

Source: European Pravda; Mircea Geoană, Deputy Secretary General of the North Atlantic Alliance, quoted by Agerpres

Details: According to the NATO representative, there is no risk of Romania being drawn into a conflict with the Russian Federation, or the conflict spreading to Romania.


"There are no indications that the Russian Federation has any intention of attacking a NATO member state, be it Romania or any other state. And that is a result of the power and strength of our alliance. We are the first element of deterrence," said Geoană.

At the same time, he said that the concern of Romanians was understandable, because living near the Danube border with Ukraine and hearing the noise of war causes anxiety and anguish.

Geoană also announced his intention to visit areas of Tulcea County, located near Ukrainian ports, which are constantly attacked by Russian drones.

Commenting on the discovery of drone debris on the territory of Romania, the Deputy Secretary General of NATO said that the Alliance is in direct contact with Bucharest, and he is convinced that in the future everything will be clarified and presented to the public in a transparent way.

"So, first of all, it is not a deliberate attack. My message, as a Romanian, is to try and have confidence in the fact that NATO has all the measures taken to ensures the protection of its entire space, including Romania, now and in the future," Geoană concluded.

Earlier, Romania summoned the head of the Russian diplomatic mission in Bucharest and  reprimanded him for the use of drones launched by Russia to attack Ukrainian ports on the Danube.

On Saturday, a wreckage of another drone similar to the ones used by Russia to attack Ukraine was found in the village of Plauru, Tulcea County; the country's president stated that it was an unacceptable violation of Romania's sovereign airspace.

On 4 September, Ukraine reported that two Shahed attack drones had crashed in Romania during a Russian attack on Izmail and Reni.

At first, the Romanian side categorically denied the incident. However, on 6 September, the Minister of Defence confirmed that fragments similar to drone wreckage had been found near the banks of the Danube on the Romanian side and submitted for examination.

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