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Romania and US to conduct exercises with Ukraine in Black Sea and Danube Delta

Friday, 8 September 2023, 18:36
Romania and US to conduct exercises with Ukraine in Black Sea and Danube Delta
Photo: the Ukrainian Navy's Facebook

The Romanian and US navies are organising Sea Breeze 23.3, a multinational exercise that will take place from 11 to 15 September in the Black Sea and Danube Delta.

Source: European Pravda with reference to the press service of the Romanian Navy

Details: Military personnel from Bulgaria, France, the United Kingdom, Türkiye and Ukraine will also take part in the exercise.


The main purpose of the exercise is to develop interoperability and tactical compatibility between the participating countries in the field of countering explosive ordnance, in particular sea mines, in order to ensure freedom of navigation.

The Romanian Navy will be represented by the Sublocotenent Alexandru Axente vessel, the Venus fast diving ship, the Posada armoured personnel carrier, three amphibious armoured personnel carriers, assault boats and other vessels, as well as explosive ordnance disposal specialists, marines and staff officers.

The United States will be represented by a Poseidon maritime patrol and reconnaissance aircraft, demining divers with boats and special equipment. Other participating countries will send divers, explosive ordnance disposal specialists and staff officers.

The situation in the Black Sea and on the Danube remains tense due to Russian provocations. Russian troops are systematically attacking Ukrainian ports on the Danube and blocking navigation in the Black Sea.


  • On 4 September, Ukraine reported that two Shahed attack drones had crashed in Romania during a Russian attack on Izmail and Reni.
  • At first, the Romanian side categorically denied the incident. However, on 6 September, the Minister of Defence confirmed that fragments similar to drone wreckage had been found near the banks of the Danube on the Romanian side and submitted for examination.
  • Romanian President Klaus Iohannis then said that an urgent investigation was needed and that if it was confirmed that these were fragments of a Shahed drone, Romania would consider the situation "absolutely unacceptable".

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