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Hamas's capabilities "severely degraded" after Israeli airstrikes – Israeli Defence Forces

Monday, 9 October 2023, 09:30
Hamas's capabilities severely degraded after Israeli airstrikes – Israeli Defence Forces
Explosion in Gaza during Israeli airstrikes on 8 October. Photo: Getty Images

Israel has "severely degraded the capabilities" of the Palestinian militant group Hamas in a series of air strikes on Gaza that lasted until the morning of 9 October, the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) has said.

Source: CNN; The Times of Israel

Details: The IDF said it hit a building housing Hamas militants, as well as several of the group's operational command centres, including a three-storey command centre.


The Israeli Defence Forces also targeted:

  • a command post belonging to a senior Hamas naval operative named Mahmad Kashta,
  • a Hamas operative in a mosque in the city of Jabaliya,
  • an intelligence facility and an additional asset used by Hamas.

The Times of Israel, citing the IDF, reported that fighting between Israeli troops and Hamas operatives is ongoing in seven to eight locations around the Gaza Strip on the Israeli side of the border.

Quote from Richard Hecht, spokesman for the IDF: "We’re still fighting. There are between seven to eight open places around Gaza (where) we have still warriors fighting terrorists. We thought by yesterday we would have full control. I hope we will by the end of the day."

Previously: On the night of 8-9 October, Israeli aircraft conducted further strikes on the Gaza Strip to "devastate the capabilities of the Hamas terror group". The soldiers have reportedly bombed not only the homes of commanders but also the houses of all militants.


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