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First 101 Ukrainians to be evacuated from Gaza on 7 November

Tuesday, 7 November 2023, 11:16
First 101 Ukrainians to be evacuated from Gaza on 7 November
stock photo: PIXABAY.COM

A total of 101 Ukrainian citizens have been granted permission to evacuate from Gaza on 7 November, with others scheduled to be let out on 8 November, Yevhen Korniichuk, Ukrainian Ambassador to Israel, has said.

Source: Korniichuk in a comment to Ukrinform

Quote from Korniichuk: "The first group of our citizens has received permission to evacuate from Gaza: 101 people out of the 367 we requested. Those are the ones who have been approved for evacuation through Israel. The rest are expected to be let out on Wednesday. In addition, 51 Moldovan citizens are being released at our request."


Details: The official said the evacuation will start on 7 November as Ukrainian embassy staff are already waiting at the border with Egypt and Gaza.

"Everything has been coordinated well so far. I hope we will finish evacuating everyone on Thursday," Korniichuk concluded.

Background: On 1 November, the evacuation of foreign nationals from the Gaza Strip began through the Rafah crossing point between Gaza and Egypt.

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