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Russian attack on Kherson stops trolleybus traffic

Friday, 16 February 2024, 08:34
Russian attack on Kherson stops trolleybus traffic
Aftermath of Russian attack on Kherson. Stock photo: Roman Mrochko

The Russians have attacked Kherson and damaged a public transport overhead contact system. As of 08:00 on 16 February, trolleybuses were not running in the city, one person lost their life during the past 24 hours and the water supply was partially cut off  due to the Russian attack.

Source: Roman Mrochko, Head of Kherson City Military Administration; Oleksandr Prokudin, Head of Kherson Oblast Military Administration; Kherson City Military Administration on Telegram

Quote from Mrochko: "A public transport overhead contact system has once again been damaged due to an enemy attack on the city overnight, making it currently impossible to put trolleybuses into service. 


Engineers from the municipal enterprise Khersonelektrotrans are working on repairing the network."

Details: He noted that 21 trolleybuses will be back in service after the repairs. 

Prokudin added that over the past day, the Russians attacked the oblast 14 times using artillery, mortars, MLRS, and launched UAVs. In total, the Russians fired 50 projectiles at civilian settlements. One person was killed in the Russian attack.

Mrochko later reported that a water pipeline had also been damaged in the Russian nighttime attacks, and this was the reason why the water supply had been cut off in the Zhytloselyshche district of Kherson.

"Emergency crews are working on fixing the damage caused by the enemy attacks. We will let you know once the work has been completed and the water supply restored," Mrochko said.

This article has been updated since publication.

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