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UK intelligence analyses Russian attacks near Robotyne

Wednesday, 21 February 2024, 13:57
UK intelligence analyses Russian attacks near Robotyne
Robotyne. Screenshot: Deepstate map

UK Defence Intelligence has noted an increase in Russian attacks in Ukraine's south and attempts to stretch Ukrainian forces there.

Source: the UK Defence Intelligence review dated 21 February on Twitter, as reported by European Pravda

Details: "Russian Ground Forces have continued and highly likely increased their ground attacks on the Robotyne axis in southern Ukraine, which was recaptured by Ukraine during its counteroffensive in summer 2023. The village has remained on the frontline since," the UK MoD pointed out.


The review stated that Russia's 58th Army and Airborne Forces operating in the area suffered heavy losses during the Ukrainian counteroffensive. However, the slower operational pace since then and Russia's ongoing recruitment efforts have likely allowed Russian forces on this axis to recover.

"Russian forces have intensified attacks across several points of the front line within the last week, likely intended to stretch Ukrainian forces," UK Defence Intelligence reported.


  • UK intelligence also believes that after capturing the war-torn town of Avdiivka, Russian forces need time to re-equip and rest, although in the coming weeks, they will try to expand their territorial gains.
  • In a review dated 16 February, the UK MoD noted that Russia had lost at least 400 pieces of equipment in its assault on Avdiivka.

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