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US State Department states Putin has no advantage in war

Thursday, 22 February 2024, 01:49
US State Department states Putin has no advantage in war
Ukrainian military. Photo: The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The US does not believe that Russian President Putin has gained an advantage in the war against Ukraine, amidst the seizure of Avdiivka and Congress's inability to pass a comprehensive aid package for the Ukrainians.

Source: Ukrinform news agency, citing Matthew Miller, spokesperson for the US Department of State

Details: In response to whether the US administration believes that Russia now has an advantage, Miller replied: "No, we do not believe that at all."


Miller acknowledged that Russia was able to capture Avdiivka in recent days. However, this happened because Ukraine "was not able to properly resupply its troops," largely due to Congress's refusal to continue supporting Ukraine in its fight against the aggressor, he said.

But Ukraine has significant successes on the battlefield, especially in the Black Sea, where they pushed back the Russian fleet and opened a new shipping corridor allowing the export of wheat and other grains and industrial goods, Miller added.

He stressed that this was impossible for Ukraine in the first days of the full-scale invasion when Russia blocked Ukrainian ports.

Quote from Miller: "So we think they’ll continue to make progress there, and we’ll continue to support them to the best of our ability, but we need a partner in Congress to help us."

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