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Zelenskyy submits bill on demobilisation of conscripts to Parliament

Thursday, 22 February 2024, 12:13
Zelenskyy submits bill on demobilisation of conscripts to Parliament
Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Photo: Ukraine's President's Office

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has registered in the Verkhovna Rada a bill allowing conscripts who have served for a certain period to retire from active duty during martial law.

Source: draft law No. 11035 card on the Parliament's website; MP Oleksii Honcharenko on Telegram  

Details: According to the website of the Verkhovna Rada, the draft law on amendments to Chapter XII "Final provisions" of the law of Ukraine "on military duty and military service" regarding the terms of urgent military service has already been sent to the committee for consideration.


Quote from Honcharenko: "The draft law proposes that conscripts whose term has expired during the period of martial law, and whose military service has been extended beyond the established terms, will be dismissed from active duty in favour of the reserves within the time limits determined by the decree of the president of Ukraine.

So there are no deadlines. Everything will be decided by Zelenskyy's decree."  

Details: The document's text is not yet available on the Verkhovna Radaʼs website, but Honcharenko published a photo of the bill on Telegram.


  • On 24 November 2023, Oleksii Danilov, after a meeting of the Staff of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, said that conscripts whose originally-agreed-upon term of service had already lapsed would be demobilised in the near future.
  • In particular, he said that lapsed conscripts who wish to stay in the military can choose to sign another contract. Others will be demobilised.
  • President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, in his evening address, confirmed that the meeting of the Staff of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief discussed issues relating to mobilisation and demobilisation, troop rotation in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and the situation of conscripts who were called up for service before the start of the full-scale invasion.

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