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Law on changes to mobilisation conditions in Ukraine to come into force in a month

Ukraine's Human Rights Commissioner on mobilisation law: Best option we could hope for

Zelenskyy signs bill on mobilisation

Draft law on demobilisation to be ready sooner than by end of year, says Ukraine's Defence Ministry

Ukrainian Parliament considers mobilisation bill in second reading

Ukrainian parliamentary committee completes review of mobilisation bill

Zelenskyy signs law lowering conscription age to 25

European Commission president says negotiation framework for Ukraine's accession to EU will be developed by mid-March

Zelenskyy submits bill on demobilisation of conscripts to Parliament

10 years of war – 10 lessons and conclusions for justice

Locking bank accounts categorically unacceptable – MP on mobilisation law penalties

Ukrainian parliament approves mobilisation bill on first reading

Head of National Security Committee: Draft law on mobilisation lacks rotation provision

Russia wants to raise conscription age for foreigners who have been granted citizenship

New draft law on mobilisation: Only those with military training to be accepted for civil service

Zelenskyy calls for fair mobilisation, opposes enforcement of callup notices by street patrols

Zelenskyy signs decree on Russian territories historically inhabited by Ukrainians

Zelenskyy introduces law on multiple citizenship to Ukrainian parliament

Ukrainian parliament waits for new bill on mobilisation in early February

Parliament supports creation of electronic register for conscripts

Most Servant of the People MPs want review of draft mobilisation law

Ukrainian parliament approves law on lobbying in first reading that EU expects Kyiv to adopt

Parliament Committee considers bill on military registration records, mobilisation projects to be discussed next

Ukrainian parliament's committee foresees significant changes to mobilisation law

Ukrainian parliamentary committee sees corruption risks in government draft law on mobilisation

Ukrainian parliamentary committee to work on draft mobilisation law

Zaluzhnyi says 36 months of service is a compromise with government

Ukraine's army command submits request for mobilisation of 500,000 troops – MP

Mobilisation of women: Zelenskyy says he would not sign such law

Ukraine's State Border Guard explains special border regime approved by government