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"Follow the drone": Ukrainian soldiers describe how they survived thanks to UAVs – video, photo

Thursday, 22 February 2024, 19:15
Follow the drone: Ukrainian soldiers describe how they survived thanks to UAVs – video, photo
A wounded soldier. Screenshot from the video

Several wounded soldiers have described how they managed to escape from the battlefield thanks to UAVs.

Source: Ukrainian Witness

Details: A video entitled "Friend, drink this and follow the drone" went viral in early February. 


That was the message that a reconnaissance team from the 68th Jaeger Brigade dropped from a drone to a wounded border guard.

They also dropped a flask of hot tea along with the message.

The man they rescued on that occasion was Sergeant Serhii of the Lugansk Border Patrol, who goes by the alias "Mient" [a word formerly used to mean a policeman – ed.]. Serhii had been in a position that was stormed by Russian soldiers. The Russians had damaged the Ukrainian equipment, and Serhii couldn't move due to his injuries.

Serhii. Screenshot from the video

He was saved by a squadron of attack UAVs that spotted the soldier. Ukrainian defenders dropped a note and some water for the wounded man. He had been identified by his uniform. Serhii decided to crawl after the drone. Despite the Russian positions being 100-200 metres away, he managed to reach a place that the infantry were able to evacuate him from.

The same infantry team helped save Viktor, another wounded soldier, who could no longer move after lying in the cold for several days. Viktor's crew had been attacked during an evacuation. He was thrown by a blast wave. When he regained consciousness, he crawled over to the damaged, still-hot equipment, where he spent several days. Viktor managed to find a first aid kit, bandage himself, and leave a note indicating that he had been wounded.

Viktor. Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video

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