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Situation on battlefield in Ukraine "extremely serious" – US Department of State

Wednesday, 28 February 2024, 01:42
Situation on battlefield in Ukraine extremely serious – US Department of State
A sign outside the US Department of State building in Washington. Stock Photo: Getty Images

The US Department of State views the situation on the battlefield in Ukraine as "extremely serious" due to the Ukrainian Defence Forces' ammunition shortage.

Source:  Radio Liberty, citing Matthew Miller, spokesperson for the US Department of State, during a briefing

Quote: "The situation is extremely serious right now. We have seen Ukrainian frontline troops who don’t have the ammo they need to repel Russian aggression.


They’re still fighting bravely. They’re still fighting courageously. They still have armour and weapons and ammunition they can use, but they’re having to ration it now because the United States Congress has failed to act."

Details: However, Miller added that for the remainder of this year, the US expects Ukrainian troops to continue to "fight bravely and they will make advances... But it will be much tougher for them if they don’t have access to the ammunition that [they] need".

Therefore, the official stressed that US President Joe Biden continues to insist on approving aid for Ukraine.

"And so we again call on Congress to do its duty to hold this vote and get the assistance to the Ukrainian army, that desperately needs it," Miller stated.

Background: Ukraine has informed the US that its multi-billion-dollar aid package needs to be approved within a month; the US Congress is aware of this, and there is hope that it will be approved.

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