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West believes Russia produces 3 times more shells than US and Europe for Ukraine war – CNN

Monday, 11 March 2024, 11:03
West believes Russia produces 3 times more shells than US and Europe for Ukraine war – CNN
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Russia produces almost three times as much artillery ammunition as the United States and Europe combined, according to Western intelligence estimates. 

Source: European Pravda; Sources of TV channel CNN and representatives of Western intelligence agencies 

According to NATO intelligence estimates regarding Russian defence production, the Russian Federation is capable of producing about 250,000 artillery shells per month, or about 3 million per year.


Together, the United States and Europe can only produce about 1.2 million rounds of ammunition a year to be sent to Ukraine, a European intelligence official told the TV channel. 

The US has set a goal of producing 100,000 artillery shells a month by the end of 2025 – less than half of Russia's monthly production – and even that figure is now unattainable as Ukraine's US$60 billion funding is blocked in Congress.

"What we are in now is a production war. The outcome in Ukraine depends on how each side is equipped to conduct this war." the NATO representative said. 


Officials say that Russia is now firing 10,000 shells a day, while Ukraine can only manage 2,000. Representatives of a European intelligence report that the ratio is even worse in some parts of the contact line. 

"The number one issue that we’re watching right now is the munitions...because that’s where Russia really [is] mounting a significant production advantage and mounting a significant advantage on the battlefield," the NATO representative added. 

The source of the TV channel says artillery factories in the Russian Federation are working around the clock. In addition, Russia imports ammunition from Iran and North Korea. 

According to Western estimates, Iran sent at least 300,000 artillery shells last year, "probably more than that." And North Korea provided at least 6,700 ammunition containers that contained millions of shells. 

Russia "put everything they have in the game," an intelligence official said. "Their war machine works in full gear," the source added. 

At the same time, according to US and Western officials, the build-up of Russian weapons is still insufficient to meet its needs. 

In addition, Western intelligence agencies do not expect Russia to make significant progress on the battlefield in the short term. 

Officials say there is a limit to Russian production capacity, adding that Russian plants are likely to hit peak production sometime next year.

American and Western officials insist that capitalist Western countries will eventually catch up with Russia and produce more equipment. 

However, intelligence officials believe that although neither side is yet ready for a decisive breakthrough, the overall predictions are in favour of Moscow in the long run, especially if additional assistance from the United States continues to be held up.

"It’s not going well, but it all depends. If aid restarts and comes quick, all is not lost," the source said. 


  • Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba called on allies to stamp out indecision as soon as possible and provide Ukraine with large quantities of all the weapons it needs to win.
  • He also called on allies to increase and accelerate support for Ukraine, in particular to direct its training missions if necessary.

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