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Ukraine's intelligence on overnight drone attacks: explosions in Russia to continue

Tuesday, 12 March 2024, 11:30
Ukraine's intelligence on overnight drone attacks: explosions in Russia to continue
Andrii Yusov. Stock photo: Media Center Ukraine

Ukraine’s Defence Intelligence has warned that all facilities utilised for military purposes by the Russian Federation may face similar attacks to those that occurred during the night of 11-12 March.

Source: Andrii Yusov, spokesman for Ukraine’s Defence Intelligence, on the air of Radio Liberty 

Details: Yusov commented on the fires at Russian facilities that were struck by drone attacks on the night of 11-12 March.


He said that Ukraine’s Defence Intelligence cannot comment on the means used to attack the facilities in the Russian Federation. However, Yusov emphasised that the work to destroy those facilities supporting Russian forces will continue.

Quote: "There have been reports of rumblings and ‘bavovna’, and other incidents at a range of facilities utilised by the enemy for military purposes, including those supporting the ‘Rashist’ occupation force in Ukraine… ("Rashist" is a neologism for the fascist-like ideology espoused by the government of modern Russia, and "bavovna" is the Ukrainian word for cotton; a joking reference to the Kremlin's euphemistic use of "khlopok", a Russian term which can mean either "thunderclap" or "cotton", when reporting on explosions, rather than the usual "vzryv").

Any facility used for military purposes may encounter similar incidents in one form or another. As usual, we cannot comment on who or what caused the damage, but we can say that these efforts will continue."



  • Russian state media reported a massive drone attack on seven Russian regions, namely the Belgorod, Kursk, Voronezh, Oryol, Moscow, Tula, and Nizhny Novgorod oblasts. In particular, in the city of Kstovo in Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, a drone hit a Lukoil oil depot, causing a fire. The facility reported that "the operation of the oil processing unit has been suspended due to the incident".
  • A large fire also broke out at an oil depot in the city of Oryol. Russian air defence forces supposedly shot down a drone in the Ramenskoye district of Moscow, according to Mayor Sergei Sobyanin. The authorities of Tula Oblast also reported a downed drone. There were two air-raid warnings during the night in the Voronezh Oblast. Local authorities reported a downed drone in the area.
  • In Belgorod Oblast, power lines were damaged due to the attack, leaving seven settlements without electricity, as reported by the region's governor Vyacheslav Gladkov.

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