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Czechia to propose EU-wide ban on Russian grain imports

Sunday, 17 March 2024, 18:24
Czechia to propose EU-wide ban on Russian grain imports
The flag of Czechia. Stock photo: Getty Images

Czechia is expected to propose a European-wide ban on Russian and Belarusian grain crop imports during a European Council meeting next week.

Source: Czech Agriculture Minister Marek Výborný on Czech television, as reported by Novinky

Details: "We will insist that grain and oil crops be included in [the list of] sanctions and not imported into Europe," Výborný said.


Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala will outline Czechia’s position during the European Council meeting next week.

Eurostat data indicates that the EU imported 1.5 million tonnes of grain from Russia last year – more than before the beginning of the full-scale war in Ukraine. Spain in particular imported a lot more Russian grain than before in light of a bad growing season.

"There is no single reason why we have to support the aggressor by buying Russian grain in Europe," Výborný said.


He added that there is no danger that food prices will rise dramatically in the wake of the possible ban of Russian grain imports: "Czechia has excess grain that can be exported, as do many other countries around the world."

Margita Balaštíková, member of the Czech parliamentary committee on agriculture and a representative of the ANO opposition movement, said she would support the ban, but added that it will be difficult to enforce it. "We will need to conduct customs checks and train cars will have to be sealed, otherwise traders will be able to circumvent [the ban]," Balaštíková said.


  • On 14 March, Lithuania's Seimas (the parliament) passed a resolution calling for a European-wide ban on Russian and Belarusian grain crop imports.
  • Earlier, media reported that the European Commission is expected to submit a proposal next week for quantitative restrictions on grain imports from Russia and Belarus.
  • In February, the Latvian parliament adopted a temporary import ban on agricultural products from Russia and Belarus until at least July 2025. The Polish Sejm also adopted a resolution calling for sanctions to be imposed on imports of Russian and Belarusian food products.

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