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Bundestag to initiate investigation into leak of discussion on Taurus supply to Ukraine

Monday, 18 March 2024, 15:59
Bundestag to initiate investigation into leak of discussion on Taurus supply to Ukraine
German Bundestag. Stock photo: Getty Images

The media revealed some details about the potential transfer of Taurus missiles to Ukraine discussed at the meeting of the German Bundestag, which may result in an investigation into the leak of secret information.

Source: Rheinische Post, as reported by European Pravda

Details: The media had access to a letter dated 15 March from the head of the defence committee, Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, to the president of the Bundestag, Bärbel Bas. In it, Strack-Zimmermann mentions that the Taurus committee meeting was attended by 105 people, including deputies and representatives of various government agencies. That means the source of the leak was not necessarily one of the parliamentarians, she noted.


"At the same time, I inform you of the above facts and ask you to provide permission for criminal proceedings in accordance with section 353 b (4) of the Criminal Code," the letter reads.

Strack-Zimmermann has publicly stated that she intends to launch an investigation.

"We hope to establish the identity of this person, and they will bear the consequences," Strack-Zimmermann said in a comment to Suddeutsche Zeitung.


Chancellor Olaf Scholz also commented on the leak, saying that "the leak of secret information is something that should not happen" and that it would be appropriate to look into how the information became public.

The T-Online portal published details of the discussion. In particular, this concerns the report of the Bundeswehr's General Inspector Carsten Breuer on the features of target designation for Taurus missiles, which revealed the true reason for Chancellor Olaf Scholz's opposition to transferring these missiles to Ukraine.

Earlier, Scholz publicly gave different reasons for why Germany refused to supply Ukraine with Taurus missiles – from avoiding a possible escalation and involvement in the war with Russia to being concerned that the missiles would be used to strike Moscow.

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