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Zelenskyy warns US and Europe against losing to Shahed drones or Russian fighter jets

Sunday, 3 March 2024, 21:40
Zelenskyy warns US and Europe against losing to Shahed drones or Russian fighter jets
Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Photo: AFP via Getty Images

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has urged the partners of Ukraine to harshly react to Russia’s terrorist actions in Ukraine and not allow the US or Europe "lose to Iran-made Shahed drones or Russian fighter jets".

Source: evening report by the President

Quote: "All leaders and international organisations must respond to Russia's actions. And the response must be tough. Putin does not want any peace – he only wants war and death. He does not care whom he kills. The main goal is to destroy. First, Ukraine and Ukrainians. And then you, dear partners. That is why it is a matter of survival, and not only for Ukraine, that the world reacts to Russian evil and exerts pressure, and hits back."


Zelenskyy stressed that the Defence Forces of Ukraine had managed to down seven Russian military aircraft this week alone, and 15 in total since the beginning of February. He called this a "proper dynamics" of the losses of the Russians.

Details: Zelenskyy noted that over the past week alone, the Russians used almost 400 guided air bombs, over 50 Shahed drones and more than 40 missiles against Ukraine.

"No country in Europe could have withstood such pressure and evil alone. And that is why it is important that we all stand together now – everyone who values life and who does not want this terror to reach other nations," he said.

Quote: "This war must become hopeless for Russia, for the terrorists. And they must feel to the fullest extent possible that there is a force that destroys those who want to destroy life. We are capable of providing this. Each partner knows what is needed. The key is the political will to implement everything. To provide exactly the level of supply that will help.

If this does not happen, it will become one of the most disgraceful pages in history – if America or Europe are defeated by Iranian Shahed drones or Russian fighter jets. Russian evil should not be encouraged by weak decisions, delays in deliveries, or hesitation.

We are waiting for vital supplies, waiting specifically for an American decision. The support is crucially needed."

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