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First draft of Ukraine's Government Centre project to be presented in May

We will fund all social security spending this year and next – Ukrainian PM

Australia commits AUD 100 million in new security aid package to Ukraine

US$50 billion of American aid to be spent on defence – Ukraine's PM

Ukraine's PM visiting US, says Congress assures Kyiv of support for aid bills

Ukrainian PM deems redirecting funds from newscast to Ukrainian Armed Forces impractical

Ukrainian PM explains Slovakia's involvement in Peace Formula after meeting with Slovak counterpart

Slovakia to take part in Ukraine's Peace Summit in Switzerland

Ukrainian PM arrives in Slovakia

Ukrainian PM visits Lithuania

Ukraine's PM earns nearly US$25,000 over past year, his wife almost US$200,000

Ukrainian PM discusses peace and weapons for Ukraine with Polish president in Warsaw

We're close to resolving this problem – Polish PM after talks on agricultural import with Ukrainian PM

Ukraine's PM arrives in Warsaw for intergovernmental negotiations

Speaker of Estonian Parliament meets with Ukraine's speaker and PM

No need to call up 500,000 people for military service – Ukrainian PM

Canada allocates US$1.5 billion to Ukraine to help cover budget deficit – Ukrainian PM

Ukrainian PM submits reform plan to Brussels to secure billion-dollar support from the EU

Ukrainian Prime Minister arrives in Brussels for talks

Ukrainian PM expresses hope for EU accession negotiations to start in first half of 2024

Ukraine's PM says incentives, not penalties, will bring Ukrainians back home from abroad

Ukraine's PM: I hope Ukraine will become EU member immediately after victory

Ukrainian Prime Minister announces reduction of ministries in Ukraine by one third

Ukrainian government proposes "mutual understanding plan" to unblock border with Poland

Ukraine's PM says joint meeting with Poland on border failed to take place

Ukraine's Cabinet of Ministers has allocated US$524 million for fortifications since start of 2024

Ukrainian prime minister holds government meeting in Donetsk Oblast, sharing plans to strengthen the army

Ukraine initiates revision of trade rules with EU in Association Agreement

Ukraine's maritime exports reached pre-war level in January

Ukraine self-sufficient in natural gas needs for first heating season in history