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UK intelligence analyses laws adopted by Russia regarding Russian soldiers and their families

Saturday, 13 April 2024, 15:08
UK intelligence analyses laws adopted by Russia regarding Russian soldiers and their families
Photo: TASS

UK Defence Intelligence has outlined the reasons and implications for Russia of two laws passed by Moscow in support of Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine and their families.

Source: UK Defence Intelligence review dated 13 April on Twitter, as reported by European Pravda

Details: UK intelligence noted that the first law exempted Russian military personnel engaged in combat in Ukraine from paying interest on consumer loans and credit holidays. At the same time, the second law prohibits employers from firing the widows of Russian military personnel within one year of their husband's death.


The review stated that the Kremlin likely passed these laws in the hope of reassuring its soldiers, financially attracting more recruits to Russia’s Armed Forces in exchange for state benefits, and limiting criticism from the wives of the soldiers killed in the war.

"Whilst any payment holidays may cost the Russian federal government little in the short term, they are likely to have longer term implications for the Russian economic situation and outlook," the review stressed.


  • On 10 April, UK Defence Intelligence revealed that Russia is seeking to recruit about 400,000 contract soldiers in 2024, necessary to support its forces in Ukraine, which have suffered huge losses.
  • Previously, UK Defence Intelligence noted that the average daily losses of Russian troops on the battlefield in Ukraine decreased during March. 
  • Meanwhile, NATO's assessment is that Russian leader Vladimir Putin will try to delay the announcement of the next wave of mobilisation.
  • Earlier, UK Defence Intelligence suggested that the upsurge in attacks on military enlistment offices and similar institutions in Russia may indicate a lack of confidence in Russian leader Vladimir Putin's promise not to conduct a new wave of mobilisation.

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